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Squam Environmental Preservation Fund

In 1997, in honor of our Centennial, the board of directors of Rockywold Deephaven Camps authorized the creation of a charitable endowment dedicated to the protection of the Squam Lakes watershed.

The Squam Environmental Preservation Fund (SEPF) is managed by the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation (NHCF) as a donor-advised fund. RDC makes annual donations to NHCF for distribution of endowment earnings. Contributions to SEPF are tax-deductible.

The Squam Environmental Preservation Fund makes annual grants to organizations and initiatives that are working to:

  • Maintain and improve water quality.
  • Prevent and eradicate invasive plants, such as milfoil.
  • Protect loon and other wildlife habitats.
  • Encourage low-power and non-power boating.
  • Purchase conservation land for permanent protection and managed public use.
  • Provide environmental education.
  • Conduct scientific research to advance any of the above objectives.
  • RDC Charitable Giving

    The Squam Environmental Preservation Fund (SEPF) is a way for the RDC community to make tax-deductible gifts that support the long term conservation of the lake we all love. The SEPF makes grants to promote the natural beauty and ecological health of the Squam Lakes watershed. Since the creation of this fund, the SEPF has awarded 20 grants totaling $86,500.

    In 2015 the SEPF awarded two grants, one of $10,000 to the Squam Lakes Conservation Society (Squam’s Land Trust) to permanently protect a key parcel of land on the north side of the Rattlesnakes and $5,000 to the Loon Preservation Committee to help continue its long-term research focused on loon mortality on Squam Lake. For more information on the two grants, please visit the Loon Preservation Committee and the Squam Lakes Conservation Society websites. You can make a contribution by mail or on-line at the Squam Environmental Preservation Fund.

    The SEPF fund is managed for RDC by the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation as a donor designated fund. The RDC Board makes grant recommendations which advance SEPF goals. A history of SEPF grants are posted on our website at SEPF History. RDC annually contributes 5% of our Store and Zodiac revenue to the SEPF fund.

    RDC also contributes 5% of its net income annually to local non-profit environmental and community related charities. In 2014 RDC contributed more than $30,000 to these organizations.

    Will Abbott

    Chair, RDC Environmental and Community Affairs Committee

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