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Reservation Process

We frequently receive multiple requests for the same accommodations in the same time periods, especially in August. Potential conflicts are resolved on the basis of priority and seniority.

In order to receive early consideration for an accommodation, we must receive a written request prior to February 15th. Requests received after February 15th will be honored but only after filling all those received before the deadline. Typically, availability becomes quite limited as the summer approaches. We ask that all guests use the Reservation Request Form available for download in pdf format. When reservation bookings begin on February 15, the order in which reservations are placed is as follows:
  1. All "priority" guests.
  2. Guests with the most "seniority credit," to guests with the least seniority credit. (Additional credit is given to guests staying for two or more consecutive weeks in the same accommodation.

Priority: Guests who have reserved the same accommodation during the same time period for three consecutive years earn a priority. A guest having priority on a particular accommodation will be given the first option to reserve that accommodation for the appropriate time period.

Seniority credit: One year of seniority is credited to the person or married couple for whom a reservation is made. Guests receive one seniority credit for each year in which they were guests in camp for one week or longer after the age of 25. This credit applies whether or not the individual has paid an RDC bill. No credit is given for partial week stays. An additional credit is granted to guests who stayed at RDC prior to age 25, and a further credit is granted to those guests who served as an employee for at least one full season. A maximum of one seniority credit per season is allowed for any individual.

If the accommodation requested is available, an offer letter will be sent to you with a request for a 20% deposit. If we receive your deposit within 30 days from the date of the offer letter your reservation is confirmed.

If the accommodation requested is not available, a staff member will attempt to contact you to discuss other alternatives. Please make sure you give us current work and home phone numbers!

If the accommodation requested is not available, and no alternatives exist, you will be notified and, if you wish, put on a waiting list.

To give yourself the best opportunity to receive the cottage and dates of your choice, send in your reservation request before February 15th.

~ Becky Frost