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2017 RATES

The cost including meals for one adult ranges from an off-peak low of $109 per night, in an 8-person cottage, to a peak season high of $242 per night, in a 2-person cottage. All cottages have a private dock on Squam Lake, a fireplace, a screened in porch, and an old fashioned icebox. Included in our Full American Plan is lodging, all meals, daily housekeeping, organized activities and use of recreational facilities, including clay tennis courts, basketball court and ball field. During peak season, reservations are made on a weekly basis for cottages and on a daily basis for lodges. During off-peak season, cottages may be rented for less than a week. Gratuities are not required, but guests are welcome to reward employees for exceptional service.


(Season runs June 1 - September 15)

Peak Season Rates apply from July 1 - August 25.

Reduced Rates apply from June 24 - June 30 & August 26 - September 1. (5% off peak season rate, discount only applies to stays of 5 nights or more)

Off-Peak Season Rates apply from June 1 - June 23 & September 2 - September 14. 20% off peak season rate for stays of 5 nights or more; 5% off for stays of 4 nights or less) Cottages are assigned a minimal occupancy. The weekly peak season rates below cover Full American Plan charges for the designated minimal number of occupants.

Cottage Rates

2 Person 3 Person 4 Person 5 Person 6 Person 8 Person
Peak Season Weekly $3,390 $4,590 $5,795 $6,860 $7,920 $10,145
Peak Season PPPN $242.14 $218.57 $206.96 $196.00 $188.57 $181.16
Off-Season Max 40% Discount PPPN $145.29 $131.14 $124.18 $117.60 $113.14 108.70

Most cottages accommodate guests beyond the minimal occupancy; such persons are charged the "Overage Rate" of $983.50 per week. Charges for single overnight accommodations and individual meals for guests in excess of minimal occupancy are: (Discounted rate periods do not apply for overages)

Overage Rates

Overnight Breakfast Lunch Dinner Total
$99.50 $9.75 $13.00 $18.25 $140.50

(Sunday dinner is served mid-day, therefore, prices for lunch and dinner are reversed)

The Overage Rate for children ages 2 - 8 is 50% off the above overage rates. No overage charge for children under 2 years of age.


(June 1 - June 23, September 2 - September 14)

In 2017, we are offering a 20% discount during the dates listed above for cottages that are located further from the water. The Woodland Cottages are Sheltering Pines, Hemlock Lodge and Montvert in Rockywold; and Park, Bell Tower, and Maurer in Deephaven. See RDC Camp map for cottage location. Please note that some of the dates listed above are already discounted time periods. Be aware that any combination of discounts may not exceed 40%.


(June 1 - September 14)

The daily rates below cover Full American Plan charges for the designated number of occupants. (Discounted rate periods apply to cottages only)

Single Occupancy Double Occupancy
Greenwood & Long House
(Restricted to 13+ years old)
$180 $294
Rock Office $153 $294


(June 1 - June 23 & August 26 - September 16)

See our "Group Lodging Rates" or ask our office staff for details.


All rentals have limited availability. Weekly boat rentals and golf cart rentals may be reserved prior to your arrival. Daily rentals may be requested upon your arrival and will be provided if available.

Boat Rentals: 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 1 Week
Canoes & Kayaks $45 $80 $115 $150
Rowboat with 4-hp motor $95 $170 $245 $320
Rowing Canoe with 2-hp motor $95 $170 $245 $320
Rowboat & Rowing Canoe $50 $90 $130 $170
Sunfish $65 $115 $165 $215

Stand Up Paddleboards:

Recreation $45 $80 $115 $150
Performance $55 $95 $135 $175


Single $60 $105 $160 $195
Tandem $75 $130 $185 $240
Bicycle Rentals $25 $45 $65 $90
Golf Cart Rentals $100 $170 $240 $310

General Information

Arrival and Departure times: Arriving guests should not enter their accommodation before registering at the office. To allow staff enough time to properly clean lodging facilities, check in time is strictly after 4 p.m. and check out is strictly no later than 11 a.m. Guests staying in the Lodges or other rooms rented by the day are entitled to lunch on their day of departure. These guests must, however, check out of their room(s) before the lunch hour begins, no later than 12:30 p.m. Mid-day meals on departure and arrival days (normally Saturdays) are not included in weekly rates. Bagged lunches will be provided to departing guests who give the dining room a day's notice.

A 20% deposit, received within 30 days from the date of our offer letter, is required to confirm a reservation. If a cancellation is made prior to May 15th, 50% of the deposit will be refunded. Guests who cancel within one month of their expected arrival will be responsible for 50% of their total bill if the resulting vacancy is not filled. Guests who cancel within two weeks of their expected arrival will be responsible for 100% of their total bill if the resulting vacancy is not filled.

New Hampshire Rooms and Meals Tax of 9% is added to lodging and meal charges.

Extended Stay Discount: For reservations of 3 consecutive weeks or longer in the same accommodation, guests will be credited a percentage reduction on the final week's bill equal to the square of the number of full weeks in the stay, i.e. 3 weeks = 9%; 4 weeks = 16%.

Gratuities: Guests may wish to reward employees for exceptional service; however, employees are paid with the understanding that gratuities are not required.

RDC's Recreation Programs, with activities for all ages, begin June 11 and end September 1.

Morning play group, called Wee Campers, is provided from June 12 to September 1 for children 3 to 6 years of age, Monday - Friday, 9:30 a.m.- 12 noon. (Refer to the RDC Guest Information Manual for details.)

Pets cannot be accommodated except for “Dog Days,” Saturday, September 9 to Friday, September 15. Sorry!

Kennels are available in the surrounding area:

We do not accept credit cards. Cash or check only please!

Our conversations keep resonating with vibrant experiences.

Long paddles around many islands. Hiking and blueberrying on Red Hill. The delights of hydrobikes. The morning fire for a rising family, and the evening fire for games and dreams. Ping pong tables. Bouncing down the Ramsey Trail.

The unending choice of delectable edibles. Perfect, much-used swimming water. Toddler room and climbing spot. Conversations with iceman, boatman, woodman, housekeeper, recwoman/man. Sails in light breezes. The nature walk. Bill Sharkey's delight and conversations over our canoe and sailing dinghy. Engrossing rainy-day puzzles. Trees and time for our hammock and badminton. Friendly like-minded guests abound. And indeed, we found Pine Ledge approached perfection... we couldn't have located it or built it better.

~ Barbara & Richard Forman