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Boat Rental Fleet

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Plastic Canoes

Old Town Camper & Charles River

Ideal family canoes with a wide, flat bottom that provides reassuring stability. These canoes are aesthetically appealing and fun to paddle for the whole family.

Plastic Canoe

Aluminum Canoes

Grumman, Marathon & Starcraft

Solid canoes that were built to last for generations. Good stability and tracking for families or Wacky Canoe Races.

Aluminum Canoe

Recreational Kayaks

Old Town Dirigo 120

Very stable with a roomy cockpit and easy to paddle. The perfect kayak for cruising along the shore, taking photoghraphs and relaxing on the lake.

Recreational Kayak

Touring Kayaks

Necky Manitou 14

A performance kayak for intermediate or advanced paddlers. Touring kayaks are longer and faster than recreational kayaks. Has skeg for enhanced tracking and two hatches for longer voyages.

Touring Kayak

Double Kayaks

Old Town Dirigo Tandem

Easy & stable kayak for two people plus a small child. Double kayaks are very popular for families with young children.

Double Kayak

Stand Up Paddleboards(SUP) Recreation

Ocean Kayak Nalu 12.5

A sit-on-top you can stand up and paddle! This recreational SUP provides a great full body workout and is perfect for the entry level to intermediate stand up paddler who is just getting into the sport. Stand up or sit down, the Nalu is stable yet maneuverable. Most of all, the Nalu is fun!


Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) - Performance

Cruiser SUP Koa

The Cruiser SUP Dura-Soft provides the ultimate in stand up paddleboard fun, performance and safety for first time riders to paddle enthusiasts. Great all-round performance on flat water and small to medium waves. Wide and Easy for flat water touring and small to medium waves. Stable, fun, easy to use and good glide for cruising.


Sunfish Sailboats

Laser Performance Sunfish

The Sunfish is the most popular recreational sailboat in history. Its classic design, unmatched stability and sailing ease are enjoyed by all ages. Compete in our weekly Sunfish Regatta, held on Friday afternoons at 3:00 pm and race from Flagstaff Point, around Otter and Birch Islands, around Deephaven Reef and back to the comittee boat.



Fun Watercraft HydroBikes

HydroBikes are easy to pedal and are very stable for kids (age 8 and above) or adults. They are available as single or tandems, which have two bikes and three pontoons.



Grumman Seneca 13

Rowboats accomodate up to four adults and can be rented with or without a 4-hp motor. These are stable boats for fishing or putting around the lake.


Rowing Canoes

Old Town Discovery Sport 15

Old Town Discovery Sport Rowing Canoe for two or three people. Can be rowed with oars, paddled as a canoe, or rented with 2 hp motor.

Rowing Canoe

4 HP Motors

Mercury Four Stroke 4-HP Motor

An efficient and quiet motor for Rowboats. 3 gallons of gas are provided with rental.

Mercury 4HP Motor

2 HP Motors

Honda Four Stroke 2-HP Motor

An lightweight and efficient motor for Rowing Canoes.

Honda 2HP Motor