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Collage of images portraying Squam Lake in Holderness, NH

Vacation Styles

From the early days of both camps, guests came and spent the entire summer. This long association forged a strong community bond and there was a more relaxed approach to the vacation. A rainy day once in a while was a welcomed respite to read and visit.

By the early 1930's there was increasingly a July group and an August group as vacation styles changed. Time off was taken in the winter as these resorts became more popular. After the second World War, these two groups were eroded into those who came the first two weeks and the last two weeks of each month. Campers now stay for a week or two but still come at the same time each year.

While these changes have altered the intimacy, the congeniality, and the sense of community at RDC, these elements have not been destroyed. They continue to flourish in different ways partly because the general routine remains the same and partly because of the lake and mountains. There is, however, the feeling that there are only seven days and we must do everything. A rainy day now is not the relief it once was.

Many Campers who came here as children are seeing their grandchildren take advantage of what RDC has to offer; to make lasting friends, to love and appreciate nature and its beauty.

Reviews about RDC...

Our 2009 stay at Rockywold was memorable for the family, and we deeply appreciate what you and your staff accomplishes to make the place magical.

~ Richard Forman