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Collage of images portraying Squam Lake in Holderness, NH


First of all as a fundamental ideal, Miss Bacon's mind dwelt on the great beauty of the wonderful country in which Deephaven found itself; a beauty of lake and mountain and forest which is rarely surpassed. She wanted everyone to find in nature their summer's pleasure and benefit; she would rather have her campers steep themselves in the out-of-door life than depend upon indoor activities. Yet there was no control imposed, no hard and fast rules, only an ideal, a wish that it might be.

A second fundamental was the ideal of great simplicity of camp dress and everyday living. The question was once asked, What would you say if I appeared in my summer silk? Her answer, I should not say anything, but I might tell you next year with regret that there was no room for you

Closely allied to Miss Bacon's thought of the satisfying beauty of Deephaven and the simplicity of dress and life, was her wish that friendliness should be an outstanding feature of the camp; that camaraderie should be linked with her other ideals. So she encouraged the gatherings in the Longhouse living room, where charades, talent shows, and talks helped in her get-together plan. Church on Church Island and evening Vespers on Flagstaff Point were always well attended.

Another, and perhaps the deepest thought of all, led Miss Bacon far from the give and take of business. Sitting before the open fire of one of her campers in 1917, she talked over with great interest the approaching summer, that summer she never reached, and said, My camp is me, and I think of it with its beauty and rational life as one of the most worthwhile things I have ever done; as something beautiful and helpful which I hold out in my hand to those who would care to take it

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RDC, Squam's only resort, has operated on a peninsula on the lake's north shore since 1897. It is difficult to imagine a more quintessential rustic Yankee summer resort than this one, and its patrons apparently agree. It's not unusual to find three or four generations of a family sharing a vacation in the same cottage they've occupied for the same week every summer for the past 40 years.

~ Jim Collins, Yankee Magazine