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Collage of images portraying Squam Lake in Holderness, NH

Physical Facilities

Housing in these early days was in tents along the easterly Deephaven shore. Platforms were built to erect them on, and since there was no plumbing, outhouses were stationed at convenient locations. These hardy folks thrived on this new environment and turned their efforts from brain power to manual labor. The hammer and saw were put to good use as refinements and additions to tents and cottages were undertaken. As families gathered they asked Miss Bacon if they could build their own cottages, and many did. We see today cottages named for these families: Rusch, Birdsall, Porter's Lodge, Maurer, Park, Ewing and Buffum.

An architect at Yale developed the Fisher Hut, which was an improvement on the tent. It had a shingled roof, one room with sliding paneled walls of unbleached muslin, and a porch. With kerosene lamps on at night, the thin muslin presented an interesting shadow display for passers by.

These structures form the foundation for many of the cottages today. According to the taste and desires of the occupant, they were added to in every direction, sometimes several times. In either camp you will not find two cottages alike.

Reviews about RDC...

I’d expected rustic cabins around a lake set in rolling pastures with some trees. Instead I found this lovely lodge containing all the amenities we could need nestled in the woods with views of this wonderful, unspoiled lake.

~ Mary Spence